1. You submit your expression of interest with the filled paperwork OR you answer our model call.

2. Once your paperwork has been submitted we put you into the consideration pile. All submitted images are reviewed by Tarsh, so our new gals dont need to feel unsafe about who see’s submission images/outfits.

3. Shortlisted models are then either reviewed with Tim (for specific projects) or accepted immediately based on calling criteria.

Models that do not receive a callback or are not contacted to shoot may be kept on our list for later TFP shoots.

Things to know!

No answer or no callback does not reflect poorly on you, we already have a list of peeps we work with on the regular as well as past clients who we sometimes like to invite back if they answer the call!

On occasion we accept nominations for special shoots, such as our October breast cancer awareness month, if you nominate you may be included in our day session for a friendly team photo – so beware!

We ask for you to send us examples of your outfits on to get a general idea/feel if the shoot is right for us and the brand we wish to convey. As this is a TFP shoot and not a paid shoot, we ask for this to ensure no time is wasted for both client and photographer

Models are generally given 3-5 fully edited photographs. These images must be chosen on the day, and raw/unedited copies are not given under any circumstance.

Photo Submission Guide

We love a good photo – however we prefer our models to submit non posed and neutrally positioned images for casting. So please, no booty pops or booby shots, we are interested in the natural you!

Below is an example of acceptable positioning, although even more neutral is better! If a specific outfit is being submitted please submit individual images of both front and back, inclusive of you base body shots.

Keen to see you soon!